Mom was selfless, caring, and loving, a peacemaker, the first to lend support to anyone in need.  A lifelong fan of ballroom dancing, she married my dad Joe in 1947, and quietly made her life spoiling me, my sister Bev, and my brother Joe.

It’s my honor, and especially fitting, to dance in her memory to benefit The Pink Fund. Thank you for your generous support; together let’s show Pink Fund patients how caring our community can be!

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    Nancy Dziedzic

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    Thank you! ❤️

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    Nancy Azure Childs

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    Sarah Foss

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    Your mom would be so proud of the wonderful and amazing person you are ❤ never stop being your positive impact in the world.

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    Joseph Dziedzic

    $102.20 / 68 days ago

    Pretty sure that Mom and Dad will be smiling on you as you whirl around the dance floor! Way to go, Little Sister!!

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    Jonathan Martone

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    So proud of you, Barb!!!

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    Lisa Pramstaller

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    Knock their socks off, and have fun! Wish we could be there. Lisa

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    Kimberly Tabor

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    Happy to help and donate to a good cause :)

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    Pamela Leigh

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    Conny Coon

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    Happy to support my friend, Barb. In honor of my mom and all the women who bravely fought and fight.

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    Judy Foster

    $102.20 / 73 days ago

    Thinking of you Barb during this immensely special event in honor of your mom. Dance away the night with a full and happy heart. Judy

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    Lindsey Clifford

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    Linda Freitag

    $76.65 / 73 days ago

    Best of Luck to You! I know that you will truly shine. Sorry I won't be able to attend in person, but I will be thinking of you!!! XOXO

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    Dianne Price

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    Amy Baker

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    Anne-Marie Kim

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    Ghazaleh Taleb

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    $51.10 / 76 days ago

    Have a wonderful time Barb, I can't wait to see the pictures XO

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    Brett Barringer

    $51.10 / 76 days ago

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    Molly MacDonald

    $20.44 / 76 days ago

    Thanks so much for dancing in behalf of Michigan women in treatment for breast cancer. Dancing in honor of your Mom is extra special, as you saw first hand some of the stresses of the disease, even though your Mom held it altogether.

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    Beth Bruce

    $51.10 / 77 days ago

    Wishing you much luck and an incredible experience enjoying dancing for such a beautiful reason.

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    Lori Jo Vest

    $25.55 / 87 days ago

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    Alison Patt

    $25.00 / 89 days ago

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    Marilyn Opdyke

    $102.20 / 89 days ago

    We're sorry we can't be there to watch but we know you'll dance like a star. We love the way you are supporting The Pink Fund and remembering your mom. Kudos to you and the fund! Marilyn and Bob

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    Patricia Costick

    $50.00 / 90 days ago

    You go girl!

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    Sue Goldsmith

    $36.79 / 92 days ago

    Wish we could be there to cheer you on, but we know you're going to be great. Such a beautiful thing you're doing. Best wishes, Sue & Jeff

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    Carolyn Roman

    $51.10 / 92 days ago

    Barb, Thank you for sharing the tender story of your mom's strength. Break a leg & celebrate her beauty!! xo, c

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    Elizabeth Leitao

    $51.10 / 93 days ago

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    Carol Rochon

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    Matthew Hubbard

    $76.65 / 94 days ago

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    Huda Fadel

    $51.10 / 94 days ago

    Enjoy the evening, Barb! And good luck. Thanks for helping those who need it!

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    Matthew Stein

    $100.00 / 94 days ago

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    Beverly Grau

    $102.20 / 96 days ago

    Barb - Jeff and I know you will make Mom proud!! Much love to you! 💕

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    Lisa Athens

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    Laura Lybeer-Hilpert

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    Don and Donna Schmeichel

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    Cheryl Good

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    Lians Jadan

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    Laura Ewing

    $50.00 / 97 days ago

    To my beautiful friend, fashionista, tennis player, writer, and now dancer. May your feet be quick and light on the dance floor! What a wonderful tribute to your mother, Emma!

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    Alyson Gold

    $51.10 / 102 days ago

    Good luck Aunt Barb!!❤️💕

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    Robert Hardwick

    $52.22 / 106 days ago

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    Sheilah Clay

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    James Ellis

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    Megan Dickson

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    Pamela McCoy

    $51.10 / 109 days ago

    Happy to help such a worthwhile cause. What a nice way to honor your mom's memory! I enjoyed reading more about your parents' story. I hope you have a blast.

  • 7229f871003a39df53624aa835d33257? nophoto

    Barbara Biess

    $51.10 / 109 days ago

    Help me continue to provide real help for breast cancer patients in treatment.

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    Chris Jaskowiec

    $100.00 / 135 days ago

    Barb, Dance like nobody has ever danced before! What a wonderful cause!

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    Bob Biess

    $100.00 / 168 days ago

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    Timothy Sullivan

    $100.00 / 178 days ago

    Good luck Barb! Such a great cause for a great woman!! Love you!!

  • 8634cc38e6d007cbb9452e6fa3975758? nophoto

    Eric Dziedzic

    $200.00 / 181 days ago

    Dance, dance, dance!! Thanks Barb!

About Barbara Biess

This is my mom Emma’s story.

Born on the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, October 4th in 1923, mom was selfless, caring, and loving, a peacemaker, the first to lend support to anyone in need.  A lifelong fan of ballroom dancing, she married my dad Joe in 1947, and quietly made her life spoiling me, my sister Bev, and my brother Joe.

Mom’s first breast cancer diagnosis came in 1974. Radical mastectomy, and removal of her lymph nodes, was her only option. I was 11 years old at the time, my sister in her late teens, and my brother newly married. Dad didn’t share much about the gravity of the situation, just that mom would be in the hospital for a while, and she’d need lots of help from us when she got home.

Following surgery, mom regained her strength and enjoyed a full life until my dad fell ill in 1980. She stood by his side during lengthy hospitalization until his death in 1981, just 10 days before I graduated from high school. Mom faced her second breast cancer diagnosis and radical surgery in 1986. Once again she avoided chemo and radiation, and recovered in time to help plan my wedding. We were lucky to have her with us until 1996 when she lost her battle with pancreatic cancer, after surgery, and surviving several months of chemo and radiation. Her spirit never waned, but her body simply couldn’t endure.

It’s my honor, and especially fitting, to dance in her memory to benefit The Pink Fund. Thank you for your generous support; together let’s show Pink Fund patients how caring our community can be!

Dancing With The Survivors
Dancing With The Survivors, Detroit 2018 will be a night of cocktails, dinner, and dancing to celebrate a Michigan breast cancer survivors dancing to make a difference in the lives of breast cancer patients in treatment. This event will feature local breast cancer survivors paired with professional dancers from Fred Astaire Dance Studios, performing ballroom style dances, while raising money for The Pink Fund’s mission.

About The Pink Fund 
The Pink Fund provides 90 day non-medical assistance to breast cancer patients in active treatment. With our "money raised here, stays here” policy, funds raised for Dancing With The Survivors, Detroit will be restricted to and distributed in Michigan. Individuals who wish to write checks should send them to our attention at The Pink Fund, PO Box 603, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303. Please note DWTS in the memo line and indicate Barbara's name.

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