My story is not the traditional Dancing with the Survivors’ story, but it is an important one, nonetheless.  As a male I do not have the same level of concern about the possibility of a breast cancer diagnosis and have never been diagnosed myself, but have still been impacted by breast cancer in my life.  Specifically, breast cancer has impacted me directly and indirectly in two unique ways. 

First, I lost my Aunt Rosemary to breast cancer in 2012 and secondly, out of that experience I have been left with an undercurrent of fear and anxiety about all of my female loved ones.  The prevalence and statistics related to the likelihood of a woman experience breast cancer to me seemed overwhelming.  I have and continue to experience an often suppressed but ever-present concern of whom that I love might be next.  It was this feeling and experience that led me to want to do more to support women with breast cancer and their families, which is how I became involved with The Pink Fund. 

In 2016, I started a fundraising campaign the “Pink Week” in which I would wear pink everyday for one week and post to social media in the hopes of raising awareness and money.  Most recently in 2018, I was part of the 2018 Dancing with the Survivors Host Committee and conducted my Third Annual Pink Week to benefit The Pink Fund.  As a result, I have been asked to consider dancing in the 2019 event, which is an honor in and of itself, especially considering the number of candidates that have been impacted by breast cancer more directly or personally than myself.  I am fortunate and have a duty to use this opportunity to raise as much awareness and money as possible to assist the Pink Fund in providing “Real Help Now” to those in need.

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About Ryan Plecha

Ryan is a dedicated volunteer to the Pink Fund where he participates on the Qualifications Committee and raises money for the Pink fund in a variety of ways.  Most notably, Ryan created a social media fundraising campaign named "Pink Week" in which he wears pink for an entire week and does so to support the Pink Fund.  This year will be the 4th Annual installment of Pink Week.  

Ryan has been impacted by the tragedy of breast cancer in his life as described above.  In order to help those in need he has taken an active role in trying to volunteer his time and energy to the Pink Fund.  "I felt like i needed to actually do something that would help women (and their) families currently in need.  I needed to take a more active role to help now, " said Ryan.  Ryan describes his work with the Pink Fund as being  incredibly powerful, emotional and very rewarding.   

Outside of his volunteer work with the Pink Fund, Ryan is a partner at Kostopoulos Rodriguez, PLLC in Birmingham, Michigan, where he practices commercial litigation.  Ryan is also active in many local bar associations.  In his "free time", Ryan is an avid tennis player and a wanna-be golfer.  

Dancing With The Survivors 
Dancing With The Survivors 2019 will be a night of cocktails, dinner, and dancing to celebrate a nationwide community of breast cancer survivors dancing to make a difference in the lives of breast cancer patients in treatment.  This event will feature local breast cancer survivors paired with professional dancers from various dance studios across the country, performing ballroom style dances, while raising money for The Pink Fund’s mission.  

About The Pink Fund 
The Pink Fund provides up to 90 days of non-medical assistance to breast cancer patients in active treatment. With our "money raised here, stays here” policy, funds raised at Dancing With The Survivors, Detroit will be restricted to and distributed in Michigan. Individuals who wish to write checks should send them to our attention at The Pink Fund, PO Box 603, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303.  Please note DWTS in the memo line and include Ryan Plecha's name.

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