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Rebecca Sorensen

Rebecca Sorensen / Detroit 10.4.19

I am 'That One,' and, so, I dance.

Current statistics suggest that one in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Approximately 1 out of 100 will develop a breast cancer undetectable by a mammogram. I am 'That One.' In the spring of 2017 I found a lump. My mammogram showed nothing. A subsequent ultrasound and MRI found a mass. The initial diagnosis was thought to be Stage I Breast Cancer. Three surgeries later, I was downgraded to Stage III.

And now I dance - as a tribute to life, as a thank you to all who “had my back,” as a toast to Melanie, Alice, and David, and to help all those who will walk the road I have traveled and need to know they too are loved, supported, and can make this journey and find joy along the way.
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    Hope it was a great night Becky To a long life!!!! Tracy & Steve

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    Matt & Susan McDonald

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    Wish we could be there with you Becky! Have fun! We love you very much! Matt, Susan, Garrett & Ava

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    Mollie Proctor

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    Have fun tonight Becky!!!

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    Vicky Polk

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    Becky, Your smile lights up brighter than any spotlight can ever do. Thank you for sharing your light and inspiring others that are fighting their battle. Love, Vicky

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    Good Luck Becky!!

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    Becky - You are an inspiration to those battling and those supporting those battling! Thank you!

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    Lauri Dailey

    $100.00 / 16 days ago

    Becky... To my Dancing 💃 Queen friend. You are beautiful, inside and out, deeply care about those around you, are generous and oh, so Brave! May we “Dance Crash” many more events In our lives! Love you, 💕 Lauri (&Todd)

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    Dean Juth & Tina Porcelli

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    Looking forward to your continued success on the dance floor of life! Much love from Dean and Tina

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    James & Muriel Meyerand

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    So glad to support your incredible journey, Becky, and all the ways you give of yourself to others!

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    Becky, You are a fabulous, strong and awesome woman and mentor. You are an inspiration to so many of us! Have fun dancing!! XXOO, Nancy and Roger

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    Tracey Cholish

    $25.55 / 22 days ago

    I hear some fun things about this year's performance! Pretty sure you're going to bring the house down! So excited! See you SOON!

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    Cheryl Cunningham

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    Barbara Biess

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    Rebecca -- wishing you good luck as you take the stage in October! Have so much fun! My best, Barb Biess

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    Gail Pope-Rashid

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    Becky so happy to dance with you to celebrate the great work of The Pink Fund!

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    Barry and Amy Roth

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    Can't wait to "dance" with you!

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    We are so proud of you, Becky! Go shake a leg! Love, Marja and Jerry

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    Kathy Ross

    $400.00 / 35 days ago

    Way to go, Becky! Thanks for all you do to make this world a better place. Love you a bunch!

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    Melanie Dean

    $204.40 / 39 days ago

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    John Hebert

    $1,000.00 / 50 days ago

    Becky. You are a hero survivor.

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    Denise Wunderlich

    $100.00 / 51 days ago

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    Steven Turner DDS,MS

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    Claire Sorensen

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    John and Janet Grant

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    Laura Horvath

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    Dearest Becky, You are incredible. We are all fortunate to know you, learn from you, spend time with you and watch you handle everything with grace. My life is so much more full with you as a part of it. I am thankful for you every day. It's amazing to watch you turn your challenge into a way to continue to help others. Amazing, but not surprising. Love you my friend.

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    Joan Capuano

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    Becky, We are so amazed by your tremendous courage and spirit. We love you! Joannie and John Capuano

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    You are extraordinary and thank you for allowing me the privilege of supporting your efforts!

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    Terrie Strawska

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    Becky, Keep dancing! You are an inspiration.

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    Claire Sorensen

    $153.30 / 79 days ago

    Mom, I have always been so lucky to have you in my life. You have shown me so much support and love. I see all the time how blessed I am to have someone like you to look up to for your strength, love, and kindness. Can’t wait to come support you as you dance in October. Love you soo much!

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    Deborah Grace

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    Becky, to an amazing woman. You are an inspiration.

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    Elizabeth Kupser

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    Dear Beautiful Becky ! You continue to be an inspiration ... stay strong and "dance on."

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    Susan Adler

    $100.00 / 81 days ago

    Rebecca, you are amazing. Dance, dance, dance. Sue and Larry

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    Jon Vigi

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    Great Work Becky!!!

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    You are an inspiration, Becky!!!

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    Lisa Montague

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    Dear Becky... You are amazing! Our hero and now.... YOU can dance! You go girl! xoxo

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    Tanya Freeman

    $300.00 / 86 days ago

    Awesome Becky! Thankful for you and Bambi. She fought hard and is missed everyday. 💕

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    Bruce Shapiro

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    You will all be champions to me.

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    Nancy Genzlinger

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    Susan Rugenstein

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    Clara Finney

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    You are such an inspiration, thank you with love.

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    Linda Saslow

    $500.00 / 88 days ago

    An amazing person showing others how to tackle anything with grace - we love you!

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    Terri Singer

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    Stephanie Dulmage

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    Lisa Munson

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    Dana Sorensen

    $100.00 / 89 days ago

    I love so much! I am so lucky to have superwoman as my mom 💕🦹🏼‍♀️🎉 Cannot wait to cheer you on!

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    Keith Petherick

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    Julie Lundberg

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    Rebecca, you inspire us all with your strength, warmth and wisdom.

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    Betsy Reich

    $1,022.00 / 89 days ago

    Becky- you’ve been such an inspiration & dear friend through my Tom’s cancer journey...while traveling through your own. I am so grateful to call you my friend..and look forward to your future swirls on the dance floor for this wonderful cause! Much love 💕 and support! 😍Betsy

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    Krysta Giacobone

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    Carol McN Beebe

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    Sue Novak

    $204.40 / 89 days ago

    Your courage and strength are contagious-- enjoy the dance!

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    $100.00 / 90 days ago

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    Wendy Shapiro

    $100.00 / 90 days ago

    Becky, I adore you! What a strong, amazing, inspirational woman you are. Much love, Wendy

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    Lauri Dailey

    $100.00 / 91 days ago

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    Kristi Stinson

    $102.20 / 91 days ago

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    Barry and Amy Roth

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    Dance like no one's watching.

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    Maria Angileri

    $102.20 / 92 days ago

    Becky, I admire your courage to live life and dance!

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    Mary Ann Victor

    $255.50 / 92 days ago

    I'm delighted to support my dear friend Rebecca Sorensen, the Pink Fund, and "Dancing with the Survivors." Have fun! We love you Becky

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    Sarah Faylor

    $40.00 / 92 days ago

    Thankful that you are part of my life

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    Michael Oleszkowicz

    $102.20 / 92 days ago

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    Irenita Goedert

    $102.20 / 92 days ago

    Thank you for doing this. We have lost so many loved ones, young and old. I know a cure is around the corner. Have fun and enjoy! lovelove Irenita

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    Candice Growe

    $100.00 / 92 days ago

    In support of Rebecca Sorensen and all of the other strong, beautiful women out there fighting this terrible disease! stay strong! You can beat this!!!

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    Kimberly Stephens

    $102.20 / 92 days ago

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    Martin Oleszkowicz

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    Janice Colella

    $204.40 / 92 days ago

    Your strength through your journey I am sure was an inspiration to all the lives that you touched, including others who were dancing their own dance through the cancer journey. It all truly makes me think of my mom and her journey through breast cancer and the dance that she did so many years ago when things were so different with the diagnosis. Dance the night away Becky!

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    Nancy Goldman

    $100.00 / 92 days ago

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    Paula Talarico

    $153.30 / 92 days ago

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    Kathie Ninneman

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    Darin McBride

    $511.00 / 92 days ago

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    Richard Gwizdala

    $200.00 / 92 days ago

    You are an inspiration to the two of us, MaryLee & Wayne It is a pleasure to donate such a worthy cause

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    George Opitz

    $204.40 / 92 days ago

    Every day is precious - George & Susan

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    Travis Miller

    $1,000.00 / 95 days ago

    Mina and I are so humbled to call you a friend. Thank you for your work to support the Pink Fund! -Travis & Mina

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    Lindsay Luxon

    $100.00 / 95 days ago

    You rock! Keep leading the way and being a strong supporter for those around you!

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    Jill Hedtler

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    Eric Maxwell

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    Gary Bice

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    Sidhdharth Sheth

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    Karole Davies

    $204.40 / 96 days ago

    Your message on your page is beautifully written. I'm so proud of you.

  • 3da6b45b0a522425fd590bd967d2d7bd? nophoto

    Molly MacDonald

    $25.55 / 98 days ago

    Becky, Thank you for accepting our request to dance for The Pink Fund. We cannot wait to see you perform on October 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Alice E. Burwell

    $50.00 / 128 days ago

    Dear Becky The fact that you texted me throughout my many months of Chemo, surgery and more Chemo was a hugh help. It made me feel so good that you cared. Only someone that has or is going thru the treatments realizes what big help family and friends do for the patient. I will never forget you and all my other friends did for me. My Husband did everything he could to help. Linda, Richard, Mike, Dianne and Steve and all the Grandkids were a constant support for me. Motto:always give Support and help Thank you. Alice Burwell

  • 5a677769d1ddd5d7872b85d51ff9ef65? nophoto

    Richard Sorensen

    $1,000.00 / 130 days ago

    You are the strongest, smartest and most caring woman I know, and the love of my life. You are truly an inspiration to me, and to Claire and Dana. And I will dance with you anytime and anywhere. Love, Rich

About Rebecca Sorensen

I am "That One," and, so, I dance.

Current statistics suggest that one in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Approximately 1 out of 100 will develop a breast cancer undetectable by a mammogram. I am "That One." In the spring of 2017 I found a lump. My mammogram showed nothing. A subsequent ultrasound and MRI found a mass. The initial diagnosis was thought to be Stage I Breast Cancer. Three surgeries later, I was downgraded to Stage III.

I was stunned by this news, as I was the poster child for breast cancer awareness. I never missed my annual mammogram. I saw my internist and gynecologist routinely. I even took part in a one-year study funded by Karmanos on how to reduce breast cancer risk.

Regular mammograms are extremely important, but so are self-exams - which I performed daily. There is a movement in the insurance industry to discourage women from doing self-exams. The reasoning is simple - too many false alarms, too much unneeded testing, and considerable unnecessary cost. Statistically understandable, unless it is you or a loved one who is "That One."

Since my diagnosis, I have undergone four surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation, and I’ve taken part in a double blind study for a new breast cancer drug. My doctors are encouraged by my progress and optimistic about my future – as am I.

Cancer has become an important chapter in the story of my life, but it is not my life story. When I was first diagnosed with what was thought early stage breast cancer, I admit to being relatively nonchalant about the ordeal. This was a blip in my life, something I would quickly move through. When my diagnosis changed to Stage III, my emotions were in upheaval. I was terrified and overwhelmed by sadness as I began to grieve the life I believed I would soon lose.

I am blessed with amazing family, friends, and co-workers who made sure I never walked alone, while refusing to allow me to sink into myself. They wrapped me in their arms, lifted me up and forced me to continue to live. When friends would call to visit or suggest an adventure out, I usually refused only to find them on my doorstep shortly thereafter. I was taken for walks, lunches, movies, and even sailing expeditions. I received so many cards that our mail “woman” sought out my husband and asked if I had breast cancer. She too is a survivor. And I was given immeasurable hope from the messages I received from women I knew and women I had never met who were survivors of Stage III breast cancer.

The wonderful UBS team I am blessed to work with told me that “I was needed,” so I returned to work more quickly than my doctors recommended, allowing me to fill my thoughts with more than cancer. My co-workers embraced me. Many wore silly wigs to the office during my bald chemo days. For our office Halloween party, our team voted to dress as the Adams Family, anointing me as Uncle Fester to showcase my now hairless head.

My husband, Rich, and I kept living our life. We had a trip scheduled to Vietnam, and after some intense bargaining with my doctors, I was allowed to travel between surgery number three and radiation. My family and I have long participated in the Detroit Thanksgiving parade as Distinguished Clowns, and during the midst of radiation, I walked the Woodward Route on Thanksgiving morning 2017.

I found normalcy to be healing.

As I dealt with my own health issues, my high school friend Jeff passed away from bladder cancer; my cousin Dawn died of colorectal cancer; and I lost Tom, a fellow volunteer, from kidney cancer. Even though he knew he wasn’t going to make it, Tom continued to write and encourage me almost until his end. He spoke of cancer as walls on a battlefield that must be climbed over, again and again, even though the walls can become increasingly higher and harder to climb. He knew when he reached his last wall that he would not make it over, but he encouraged me to keep climbing.

I kept climbing, and the love of so many pushed me over the wall time and time again.

I traveled this journey with three wonderful friends who inspired me daily. My dear friend Melanie was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer the same month as I. We would talk often, and she never once expressed fear or sadness. She lived every day as fully as she could and would often text me to suggest that I go outdoors to view the sunset, cloud formation, or full moon, saying, “isn’t the world beautiful, Becky. How fortunate we are to be part of it.” Melanie lost her battle in June of 2018, but there is rarely a day that I don’t look to the sky and think of her.

My friend Alice, the 86-year-old mother of one of my best friends, was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer the fall following my diagnosis. She took the news in stride, said she would fight and beat it, and then threw herself a cocktail party to share the news with her friends. I quickly followed her lead and threw my own party as a thank you and to let the world know, as my t-shirt that night read, “I’m OK.” Amazingly, Alice is now cancer free.

My friend David is in remission after two bouts of leukemia. He and I walked through the worst of it together, conversing regularly, sharing ideas on healthy eating and exercise, encouraging each other emotionally, and celebrating each victory and milestone.

And now I dance - as a tribute to life, as a thank you to all who “had my back,” as a toast to Melanie, Alice, and David, and to help all those who will walk the road I have traveled and need to know they too are loved, supported, and can make this journey and find joy along the way. 

Dancing With The Survivors
Dancing With The Survivors will be on Friday, October 4, 2019. This night of cocktails, dinner, and dancing to celebrate a nationwide community of breast cancer survivors dancing to make a difference in the lives of breast cancer patients in treatment. This event will feature local breast cancer survivors paired with professional dancers from various dance studios across the country, performing ballroom style dances, while raising money for The Pink Fund’s mission. 

About The Pink Fund 
The Pink Fund provides up to 90 days of non-medical assistance to breast cancer patients in active treatment. With our "money raised here, stays here” policy, funds raised at Dancing With The Survivors, Detroit will be restricted to and distributed in Michigan. Individuals who wish to write checks should send them to our attention at The Pink Fund, PO Box 603, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303. Please note DWTS in the memo line and indicate the Becky’s name.

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