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Cynthia Lutz

Cynthia Lutz / Southfield, Michigan 10.5.18

My participation in the Pink Fund event “Dancing with the Survivors” is dedicated to my two biological sisters Marcia and Barbara who lost their courageous fights with cancer. My fundraising efforts are dedicated to all of my other sisters fighting this battle. Together, let’s show them that we care and that they are not alone.
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    You are such an inspiration! I'm sorry to miss but will be thinking of you :-)

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    You’re such an amazing woman! I’m so happy for you and it’s for such a great cause. You’re a survivor and an inspiration! I love you!

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    Anne Navarre

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    Diane Salancy

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    Hi Cindy I know you will have your heart and soul in your dance performance. I know you will reach the stars. You are a survivor! Enjoy. I give you a 12..

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    Linda Van Howe

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    Cynthia - your sisters would be SO proud of you! Thank you for supporting all of the breast cancer fighters,

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    Love you momma, so proud of you!

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    Carrie Hall Schalter

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    Dear Cindy! We love you and are so excited to see you perform! Your beauty, smile and spirit always lights up the room and the world! Xoxo Carrie and John Woof love!

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    You’re the tops!!!

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    Mary Currie

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    Jonathan Bobbett

    $511.00 / 101 days ago

    In support of you, Cynthia and breast cancer awareness. Your kindness, generosity and strength is inspiring. Jon and I are proud to support you and your efforts. Keep dancing and shining like the star you are! pinkpower!

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    Laura Hassberger

    $51.10 / 101 days ago

    Cindy is a delicate flower with more strength and determination that anyone I know. She has beat cancer twice herself and continues to donate her time and her generous heart to others in need of support. I am so proud and privileged to call her my friend!!

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    Cynthia Dirksen

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    Cindy. I am so proud of you for dancing for all the women who are not as fortunate as we are. You are awesome! Love Sheri

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    Jill Abelarde

    $102.20 / 129 days ago

    ❤️ you Cindy! Jack and Jill

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    Sue Fuller

    $1,022.00 / 149 days ago

    Cindy: You are and continue to be a light and inspiration to us all! Enjoy your well deserved night and thank you for all you do to bring awareness to this wonderful cause. Xoxo, Sue and Alan

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    Beth Beal

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    Lori Lutz

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    Brooke Beardslee

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    Rock on Dancing Queen! Wish I could behold your dance floor moves. xo Brooke

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    Lorraine Eaton

    $255.50 / 151 days ago

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    you go girl ! ❤️ Jill

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    Think of yourself as Ginger with Fred Roma

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    Margaret Loomis

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    What a wonderful event. I am sure you will be amazing! So proud of you for agreeing to dance. Xoxo Margaret and Jim

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    Roma Thrasher

    $51.10 / 156 days ago

About Cynthia Lutz

My participation in the Pink Fund event “Dancing with the Survivors” is dedicated to my two biological sisters Marcia and Barbara who lost their courageous fights with cancer. My fundraising efforts are dedicated to all of my other sisters fighting this battle. Together, let’s show them that we care and that they are not alone.

As most of you know, I am a two-time breast cancer survivor. In 1999, I was recently divorced and starting over in a new home with my then 11 year old daughter Sasha and my 7 year old son Mac when I was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma Insitu, or DCIS. The cancer was in my right breast and was extensive though noninvasive. I had a mastectomy but thankfully dodged the treatment bullet.

My second diagnosis came 12 years later in late October, 2011. I was not as fortunate as the first time. To begin with, I was horribly misdiagnosed and was told by the first doctor, “You’re good to go; see you next year.” Had I not discovered a large tumor 2 days later, “See you next year” would not have been an option. I had stage 3 cancer in my left breast and a cancerous tumor above it in the mammary nodes. I got a second opinion from the doctors at University of Michigan Cancer Center and chose to go there for treatment. My cancer was so serious that I immediately began a 3 month chemotherapy program. Other than having cancer, I was healthy so with a flash of fortitude, I squared my shoulders, promised my cancer that I intended to win, and had my head shaved, which was a welcome measure of control. When I completed the chemo treatments, I had my left breast removed and underwent radiation treatments. Then, finally, I began to heal.

My new reality was tenderly embraced by Howard, whom I had been married to for 10 years. He became a blend of saint and soldier, telling me my job was to rest, sleep, and eat well. Howard managed all else like his life depended on it, and he will tell you that it did.

During and after each of my battles with cancer, I had every support necessary to make these experiences as stress free as possible. My emotional health would have been greatly altered if I had been lacking financial support while my immune system was immensely compromised. It is my honor to pay homage and monetarily help support my sisters’ needs as much as possible during their times of adjustment, treatment, and convalescence. My greatest hope is that you will further this effort through your generous donations.

Dancing With The Survivors
Dancing With The Survivors, Detroit 2018 will be a night of cocktails, dinner, and dancing to celebrate a Michigan breast cancer survivors dancing to make a difference in the lives of breast cancer patients in treatment. This event will feature local breast cancer survivors paired with professional dancers from Fred Astaire Dance Studios, performing ballroom style dances, while raising money for The Pink Fund’s mission.

About The Pink Fund 
The Pink Fund provides 90 day non-medical assistance to breast cancer patients in active treatment. With our "money raised here, stays here” policy, funds raised for Dancing With The Survivors, Detroit will be restricted to and distributed in Michigan. Individuals who wish to write checks should send them to our attention at The Pink Fund, PO Box 603, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303. Please note DWTS in the memo line and indicate  Cynthia’s name.

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